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The Missionary Bundle: Savings and Style

We understand the importance of comfort, style, and affordability for missionary wardrobes. Introducing our exclusive Missionary Bundle to help you or your loved ones look and feel their best on their mission journey.

  • Discreet Vents

  • Mesh-Lined Collar

  • 4-Way Stretch

  • Extra Length

Elevate Your Missionary Experience

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Literally breathable dress shirts. Discreetly vented.  


Save an additional 10% off your order of 7 shirts or more. Unlimited uses.

Why Choose Serve Clothing?

Breathable Comfort

Our dress shirts are crafted with discreet vents for superior breathability, keeping your missionary cool even in the warmest climates. The fabric is lightweight as well and has a four-way stretch.

High-Quality Material

Made with high-quality materials, our shirts offer a crisp, clean look that stays white and resists wear and tear. These shirts will last through more wear than your average dress shirt.

Easy Care

Say goodbye to complicated laundry routines. Our shirts are easy to care for, designed to be washed and dried like regular clothing. No bleach, no dry cleaning, nothing fancy needed.


At Serve Clothing, we believe in the power of service. We know that if your body feels comfortable, you'll be able to focus better on the service at hand.

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