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Our Shirt Features

What Makes Serve Clothing Different?

Unique Design

A combination of optimal ventilation and flexibility is what makes our design unique. There are gussets located in the back pleats of the shirt, as well as the underarm and side. The combination of these two unique fabrics blend flawlessly together.

Breathable Material

Our shirts are made of an athletic blend of materials allowing for full flexibility, comfort and function of any day to day activity. This is a dress shirt unlike any you have ever worn, thanks to the cooling technology of these materials and the unique design.

Say Goodbye to Neck Stains




I love the athletic material and fit. This is the most comfortable dress shirt I have ever worn!

Elder Dickinson

Great quality and feel. I love how comfortable and super breathable it is!

Micheal E

The flexibility is a game changer. Honestly this shirt has become my new favorite!

Lance M

I bought the slim fit shirt and it fits amazing! It keeps you cool all day long!

Sam Knight

My son is serving a church mission in Columbia and he refuses to wear anything else!  Great shirts! 

Cari P

These shirts are saving my son in Madagascar!  Great shirts and great price!

Elise M

Great shirts!  My husband won’t wear anything else!  

Autumn C

The only shirts my missionary will wear are Serve!  Perfect for the San Antonio heat!

Jennifer D

“Just got the shirt last night! Love it! I may have found my new favorite shirts! And I love the way they feel with a suit jacket - so much more comfortable than others.”