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Exceptionally breathable.

Premium dress shirts meet practical breathability. Airflow all day to keep you as cool as possible.

  • Exceeded Expectations!

    Calling these shirts “lifesavers”. To date (18~ months) these shirts have held up amazing!

  • Look so good

    These shirts are a vibrant white and I never have to iron them!

  • I feel amazing in it

    I really feel like James Bond 007 in these shirts.

  • Discreet Vents

  • Mesh-Lined Collar

  • 4-Way Stretch

  • Extra Length

The Jackson Jr Backpack - Serve Clothing
Breathable Blue Short Sleeve Dress Shirt - Serve Clothing
Athletic Joggers - Serve Clothing

"Our main goal with Serve was to make dress shirts practical in the heat."

- Dax Eisinger (Co-Founder)

*New* Serve Merch

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